Friday, April 22, 2011


If you read the tittle of my post you would know that I have rescently went on a trip to Colorado.If you know me you would know I just got back today!I got to miss a week of school!It was so awesome.Colorado is the most beautiful place I have ever been.Colorado puts Gatlinburg to shame.My dad Billy Guffey is the artist resident at the tin shop in Breckenridge,CO.He is out there for five weeks,so for one week we went to Breckenridge to visit.Me(rylea beth Guffey),My sis(Katy Savage),and my mom(Kelly Guffey) all went out there.We got to go to the rec center and climb rock walls,go swimming,work out,mom and sis went to the steam room,and also go to the indoor and outdoor spa.It was the best vacation of my life.


  1. It sure was fun! I love you Rylea Beth. I'm so glad you and your momma and sissy got to come out to visit me. I miss you. And I'll be home before you know it.