Wednesday, January 26, 2011

stories of me and my friends

Ok so one time me and my friends were going to summer splash water park for my b-day and it was me,faith,mckeinzie,and haley. so we got to the water park and went to the wave pool so i get to about the 5 foot mark of like 6 foot deep in water and i start to go under water and i cant swim i am screaming and kicking but nobody dose a thing!!not even a life gaurd!! then i see faith and i yell faith but i barely get that one word out before i jut fall all the way domwn to the bottom of the wave pool and the waves were about to start and faith sees me right before i go under and the next thing i know someone grabbed my hand and starts pulling me i get to where my head is above water and stand up and sure enough its is faith that had saved me from drowning and form even before that me and her have been the best of friends since we were born and i will never forget my best friend faith that saved my life that day.

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