Monday, January 20, 2014


So I know its kind of late but Merry Christmas and Happy new year! Also I did dress up as Steve from Minecraft. That costume also kind of landed me in the emergency room. Turnout wearing a costume made entirely of cardboard boxes with only two holes in it (the eye holes) isn't such a good idea. Now I am all most 13! Watch out 3 more years and I'll be driving! My nana is sick today. With the flu going around and so many people dying from it I'm so worried! She won't go to the doctor either! (she's very stubborn) She said she won't go because she doesn't have the money. But she's only getting worse. Prayers please. Anyways back to the positive! Annabelle (my beautiful S.T Bernard) turned 3 Saturday! I love her so much! I've been cheering and Baby sitting and I'm going to hopefully play softball again this year! Can't wait! Goodbye for now special strangers!

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